Donnerstag, November 13, 2008

GEN01 Green Computing through Sharing: Reducing both Cost AND Carbon

Data centers consumed 1.5% of the total electricity in the US in 2006 and are on track to double as a percentage every five years. It is about 2% of the US total in 2008. Western Europe's use is increasing at a slightly faster rate (from a slightly lower base percentage). The consumption of electricity within data centers is of significant financial and environmental importance. Where the heck is all this power going? Why is the electrical load increasing so much? What can be done about it? This talk will examine both traditional and emerging data center designs. We will start by examining how a data center is laid out, constructed, and managed. We will show two emerging trends: the change to designing data centers for the optimization of power and the emergence of new economies of scale in data centers which is contributing to the drive towards cloud computing. Microsoft is actively moving to compete in the space of cloud computing as we are seeing at the PDC (Professional Developers Conference) a few weeks before TechEd EMEA Developers. Next, we will examine the sources of waste in the system today and examine why so many of our resources are underutilized. Because we are reluctant to share computing resources, they are left idle much of the time. Why is this currently the dominant choice? What can be done in the design of applications, systems, and data centers to make them more green (both carbon and cash)? What can developers do to make a difference?

Die Session läuft im Moment immernoch. Es ist die einzige im Moment, und sie findet im grossen Auditorium statt. Leider war ich zu spät, kam nicht mehr rein. Also kann ich auch nicht mehr dazu schreiben. ;-(

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